Attract a soulful relationship Sisterhood

Being surrounded by a beautiful community of soul sisters will be such a blessing on your love journey.

And watch the masterclass "3 secrets to attract a soulful relationship effortlessly"  as a FREE gift.

I will be your gentle guide in this Facebook Group.

My name is Gabrielle Thil, I am a Soul to Soul Relationships Coach.

I help women heal their heart and awaken their soul so that they can attract the beautiful soul who is waiting for them somewhere in this Universe.

I will share  with you all the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired over the years and guide you through this Soul journey.

Long story short, I was born and raised in Paris, France (I am still in love with my lovely city, though I don't live there anymore).

After many failures and deep inner work, I met my husband José Felix in Spain on the beautiful "Camino de Santiago" - a millennial pilgrim path - and we have been living in Spain, Australia and UK with our son Santiago, since then.